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Re: The ultimate diagram for how P2 relates to the world

Hi Cindy,

For a complex but fascinating map of sustainability themes and tools and their inter-linkage, click here.  P2  and green design are not there, but you can see where they would go.

Such diagrams run the risk of balkanizing us again  (How do you link P2 with healthy communities?). Simpler ones may be the best way to go... the Natural Step funnel of reduced choices in a resource limited future with P2 offering the strategy to widen choices again.  Or the EMS cycle with P2 the way to improve.

Good luck with your class, and keep up the good work!


At 03:00 PM 8/14/2006 -0500, you wrote:
I'm team teaching a class this Fall and was looking for some sort of diagram that relates P2 to sustainability, clean production, DfE, and any other buzz words out there.  If you have one that you have found useful, please forward it on.  Thanks!

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