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New PPRC Topic Hub: Semiconductor Manufacturing

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The Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) is pleased to announce the release of its newest Topic Hub™: Semiconductor Manufacturing    This primer is intended as a quick guide to essential pollution prevention (P2) information on Semiconductor Manufacturing. It is also a compilation of pertinent online resources.


Semiconductors are crucial to all electronic products and to the global and internet economy. They are used in computers, consumer electronics and telecommunication equipment including wireless networks and handsets, industrial machinery, transportation equipment, and military hardware. 


The semiconductor industry is characterized by innovation and rapid product and process evolution compared to other industries. As with other industries, however, there continue to be prospects for reducing pollution and inefficiencies. Opportunities exist for reducing energy use, water use, and materials, as well as the wastes, effluents, and emissions generated.


The Semiconductor Manufacturing Topic Hub is intended for P2 technical assistance providers and others to quickly learn about the semiconductor manufacturing industry, its challenges, drivers, and opportunities to become more efficient.  This peer-reviewed resource provides an overview of the industry, a list of pollution prevention measures targeted to the industry, and a collection of internet references for additional information. 


View the hub at http://www.pprc.org/hubs/toc.cfm?hub=1004&subsec=7&nav=7. 

For a list of other P2 Topic Hub topics and resources, see http://pprc.org/hubs/.