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RE: Request for a good PP definition article.

There is one on our website (www.enviro-stewards.com) under “Whats New”, Journal of Cleaner Production Article, that may suit your purposes.






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Subject: Request for a good PP definition article.


Hello all,


I have a request from a colleague asking the following:


I'm in the process of updating my syllabus (classes start in 1 1/2 weeks!). I'm realizing that I need a better article for one of my classes and thought I'd ask you for a recommendation. I'm looking for an article that focuses strictly on P2--what it is and what it is not. Most articles go into a plethora of P2 applications such as LCA, EMS, etc. I'm looking for a simple nuts and bolts piece that doesn't stray much from definition. Do you know of such an article?


Any good recommendations?




-Joe S.