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Re: Request for a good PP definition article.

Joseph -

We put together a Topic Hub TM on P2 a while back.  

The overview page offers a definition along with the links to the best resources that support an overview - that's where I'd look for a short list

It also has many good references associated with it - check them all here:

Mind you, I think the definition of P2, as Scott suggested, is a little context sensitive.  I just read a reference of P2 in a textbook, "Economics and the Environment" that looks at the role of P2 relative to the concept of economic efficiency.  The classic  definitions of P2 (what it is) have little to do with the economic reasons for, or consequences of, P2

I'm more than happy to look at needed updates for this topic hub. If anyone has suggestions for its improvement, please forward.


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Request for a good PP definition article.

Hello all,
I have a request from a colleague asking the following:
I'm in the process of updating my syllabus (classes start in 1 1/2 weeks!). I'm realizing that I need a better article for one of my classes and thought I'd ask you for a recommendation. I'm looking for an article that focuses strictly on P2--what it is and what it is not. Most articles go into a plethora of P2 applications such as LCA, EMS, etc. I'm looking for a simple nuts and bolts piece that doesn't stray much from definition. Do you know of such an article?
Any good recommendations?
-Joe S.