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RE: Lead in gardening equipment

I think we bought the same watering wand, Kathey. 
Well, not LITERALLY the same one -- that would be a real pain to share across the miles.   But the same model.
Normally, if I see such a warning on a product, I chose another product.  But in this case the purchasing decision was dictated by a higher power (my wife), who really, really, (really!) wanted that particularly sprinkler head (metal flake purple -- how could she resist?).
I may be an environmental criminal, but let me tell you this:  I look absolutely ravishing when I am out in the yard, watering my sunflowers.  The purple really brings out the blue in my eyes!!!
or so I've been told.  I actually think she says things like that just to avoid watering the yard herself.  
As far as I can tell, this product is the result of ONE vendor, who happens to be in many of the big box chain stores.  Seems to me that working with the vendor directly might make some sense. 

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Subject: Lead in gardening equipment

Recently I purchased several items from large gardening shops which had warnings regarding lead.  The warning stated that you should wash your hands after use, etc.,  It sounded quite dire.  This included items such as watering wands and sprinklers.
Does anyone know what the laws/rules might be on lead in items in daily household use?  I was shocked to see these items contained lead.  Is there an effort to regulate lead content?  These are the types of items kids would play with, touch and even drink from.  Is there any group trying to raise awareness about this? 
Thanks for the info.

Kathey Ferland