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Re: Plating technology cost data


I hope this message finds you well.

Here are fact sheets on P2 for plating we completed in the 90's:

Please pass this reference on to Josh and encourage him to call me. He
has to contact the equipment vendors to get updated price info. but
these P2 techniques and technologies for platers are still very much


Leif Magnuson
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
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Hello all,

I am sending this out on behalf of Josh Sidon, who is working with the
EPA and the CA State Water Resources Control Board in developing an
economic assessment related to potential revisions of the water quality
criteria for cadmium.  In this assessment they have been focusing on
pollution prevention programs as the primary tool to reduce cadmium

Josh is trying to track down potential costs facing the Metal Plating
and Finishing Industry.  The two primary pollution prevention
opportunities he has focused on are:  (1) installation of one of the
various cadmium recovery technologies (i.e., ion exchange, reverse
osmosis, ion exchange, etc.) and (2) substituting away from cadmium
towards zinc or tin based technologies.  While he has been able to find
much qualitative literature on these options, he has not been able to
find information on the relative costs.

His priority is to find relative cost (or savings) data for different
plating technologies.  Please send your comments to



Ken Grimm
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