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Re: dust suppressant for gravel parking lot


I have seen several bio-based compounds that might work better than salt and not be as persistent.

Central Soya Company, Inc.
150 CherryHill Road
Ronks, PA 17572
Soybean based dust suppressant

Pine Sap Emulsion
Cousins Dust Control Division
1801 Matzinger Rd.
Toledo, OH 43612
Organic emulsion used for fugitive dust control

List available here:
Ron Smith
Ohio EPA, Office of Compliance Assistance & Pollution Prevention

>>> <Patti.Best@deq.idaho.gov> 9/14/2006 2:31 PM >>>
Hi. I have a company looking for a dust suppressant for gravel parking
lots. They are proposing

to use the magnesium chloride product below, but are concerned about
using a salt in areas that may be landscaped in the future.


Any suggestions as to what to use? Your help is appreciated.

Patti Best

Idaho DEQ