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RE: any updates on P2 and banks?

Burt, here is the presentation given at the Canadian P2 Roundtable by Marlucio…should help






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Hello, sorry for this non tech question but there is no other place I can ask!


On Sept 27 I am facilitating, with Gil Friend, the San Francisco Mayor’s roundtable meeting on Sustainable Finance.  We are trying to get leaders in the Bay area interested to encourage banks to promote more sustainable business.  Two new banks are opening in San Francisco that intend to specialize on green business, P2 type tech, and green building and mortgages, and the area is full of financiers now interested in “clean tech”.


As part of my update for the meeting I am trying to learn if anyone else around the country knows of banks that have made some effort to encourage conservation and P2 to their clients.  The only bank I know of that does this is Shorebank.  Are there any others?  Got anything to share re banks and P2 or small biz enviro assistance?  Any leads you have will be greatly appreciated and will be used for our “what’s going on” presentation to the Mayor and others.




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