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Re: any updates on P2 and banks?

Green building  - You might be interested in these notes about green building financing  

Green & Energy Star Building Finance Summit
12/06/2005, NYC
Hosted by the Durst Organization & New York City Finance Summit Participants, Sponsors & MTS Members
Key Summit Conclusions
It was concluded that LEED and ENERGY STAR Buildings have higher value, and this value can be measured including some intangible value.  Increasing the involvement of the financial community requires development of a valuation measurement methodology that analyzes this value ...

Background & Summit Minutes
Over 50 real estate finance leaders from North America participated to "launch the development of a Green Building Valuation Methodology for the real estate finance community which can inform better risk-adjusted financing and investment decisions, including expected long-term rising energy costs."  The Draft Summit Minutes are at:  http://mts.sustainableproducts.com/Green_MBS/Finance_Summit   

Summit Briefing Book
A 150 page Summit Briefing Book includes the Agenda and the most relevant information on Green and Energy Star Building value.  Copies available for $90 MTS Members and $175 non Members + postage.

Green Building Finance Consortium
Scott Muldavin, Consortium Executive Director, discussed the Consortium's Work Plan and development of the Valuation Methodology which will provide the tools and practices to analyze the value of individual green buildings.  For further information, contact Scott at 415-499-4400  SMuldavin@Muldavin.com. 

MTS Economic Benefits Committee is also working on:
*	Developing a two page summary about the need to translate Green & Energy Star building value to the finance community 
*	Identifying additional relevant Standards for Valuation including 
o	Green Homes
o	Zero Energy/Green Power Standard for Buildings
o	Integrative Design Process Standard
o	Sustainable Product Standards
o	Clean Vehicle Standard  

For questions about MTS' Economic Benefits Committee, please contact Committee Chairman Don Reed with Ecos Corporation at 781-455-8897 Don.reed@ecoscorp.com. 

Michael L. Italiano, President & CEO    202-338-3131 
Founder/Director US Green Building Council
Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability
1511 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC  20007

>>> "Burt Hamner" <wbhamner@cleanerproduction.com> 9/15/2006 12:59 PM >>>
Hello, sorry for this non tech question but there is no other place I can

On Sept 27 I am facilitating, with Gil Friend, the San Francisco Mayor's
roundtable meeting on Sustainable Finance.  We are trying to get leaders in
the Bay area interested to encourage banks to promote more sustainable
business.  Two new banks are opening in San Francisco that intend to
specialize on green business, P2 type tech, and green building and
mortgages, and the area is full of financiers now interested in "clean

As part of my update for the meeting I am trying to learn if anyone else
around the country knows of banks that have made some effort to encourage
conservation and P2 to their clients.  The only bank I know of that does
this is Shorebank.  Are there any others?  Got anything to share re banks
and P2 or small biz enviro assistance?  Any leads you have will be greatly
appreciated and will be used for our "what's going on" presentation to the
Mayor and others. 


Burton Hamner
President, Cleaner Production International LLC
Producer, http://www.CleanerProduction.Com - ranked #1 on Google for Cleaner
Production and for Sustainable Business Training
(206) 526-5308, mobile (206) 491-0945, fax (215) 565-4558
Check out the Sustainable Business CD ROM Library - a guided tour and
collection of the best public-domain reference manuals and guides to
sustainable business in all its aspects.


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