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LA Sustainable Business Training

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From: "Burt Hamner" <wbhamner@cleanerproduction.com>
Organization: Cleaner Production International

Public Short Course, ?Communicating Sustainability.?
UCLA Vice Chancellor Lokman to Speak on the
Challenge of Sustainability for Communications Professionals

Mon Sept 18, 8:30 ? 4:30

UCLA Faculty Center
In April 2006, UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale approved the new Sustainability Principles for UCLA and endorsed the work of the campus Sustainability Committee.  This diverse group has been discussing for over a year how to make all aspects of the university more environmentally and socially sustainable and they can now demonstrate numerous examples of sustainable practices on campus. 
Lawrence Lokman is Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Communications and a member of the Sustainability Committee.  He directs the formulation and implementation of strategic communications initiatives and plans that support a desired image and sets of perceptions of UCLA.   Before joining UCLA in 2004 Lokman was vice president at Rogers & Associates Inc., the West Coast's largest independent public relations firm.  Prior to that, Lokman served as senior communications consultant to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the nation's largest municipal utility.
?We don?t have a game plan yet but we have developed principles and key ideas for sustainability at UCLA,? says Mr. Lokman.  He has agreed to speak about his experience learning about sustainability, and his ideas about how to frame it to audiences, as a morning keynote in the public short course, ?Communicating Sustainability?, Sept 18, 8:30 ? 4:30 at the UCLA Faculty Center on campus in West LA. 
?This is a great practical learning opportunity for anyone concerned about sustainable business or society,? says course director and instructor Burton Hamner.  ?Vice Chancellor Lokman is that very rare person, a highly qualified public relations expert who has really been wrestling with concepts of sustainability and how to talk about it to diverse groups.  We?ve asked him to describe how he has been getting his arms around it, so to speak, and what are the PR challenges he expects in promoting sustainability at UCLA.? 
The public short course, ?Communicating Sustainability?, presents the latest research, best practices, international guidelines and case studies about professional practice in sustainability communications ? what to talk about, how to talk about it, what audiences expect, what not to say, and more.  The instructor is an MBA program professor and international consultant to the World Bank, US Agency for International Development, United Nations, Government of Thailand, City of Seattle, Nike Inc., and more.
Course details are online at www.cleanerproduction.com .  Registration is limited to 50 persons; course date is Sept 18.
For more information email seminar@cleanerproduction.com
Please forward this notice to persons and organizations promoting sustainable business, government and society.  Thank you!

Gary Liss       
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