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Re: any updates on P2 and banks?

Hey, Burt!

I have a couple of references for you.  Please let me know if/how you use the information.

The first stems from my days in Alaska and my first house purchase there, a superinsulated home just  north of Fairbanks.  The mission of the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) was and is to provide Alaskans access to safe, quality, affordable housing.  They have two programs that may be pertinent to your request:
1.   AHFC will only finance buildings that meet an energy use standard.  Meeting the Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standard (BEES) is required for all new residential homes and community-owned buildings receiving AHFC financing. AHFC is responsible for BEES, provides technical assistance and maintains a list of individuals who may verify compliance with BEES.
2.   Points for progress! This was in place back in the '80's - they have years and years of information about their energy use impact built up.  AHFC offers interest rate reductions to home buyers purchasing new homes with 5 Star and 5 Star Plus energy ratings, which exceed the Building Energy Efficiency Standard (BEES). There are also rate reductions for energy improvements to older, existing home purchases.  http://www.ahfc.state.ak.us/loans/eeirr.cfm

The second stems from my current interests here at P2RIC and the UNO College of Business Administration.  I have become aware of the Envrionmental Bankers Association, which probably has members in your area.



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any updates on P2 and banks?

Hello, sorry for this non tech question but there is no other place I can ask!
On Sept 27 I am facilitating, with Gil Friend, the San Francisco Mayor’s roundtable meeting on Sustainable Finance.  We are trying to get leaders in the Bay area interested to encourage banks to promote more sustainable business.  Two new banks are opening in San Francisco that intend to specialize on green business, P2 type tech, and green building and mortgages, and the area is full of financiers now interested in “clean tech”.
As part of my update for the meeting I am trying to learn if anyone else around the country knows of banks that have made some effort to encourage conservation and P2 to their clients.  The only bank I know of that does this is Shorebank.  Are there any others?  Got anything to share re banks and P2 or small biz enviro assistance?  Any leads you have will be greatly appreciated and will be used for our “what’s going on” presentation to the Mayor and others.
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