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Zero Waste Community Planning Workshop in Atlanta, Oct. 22, 2006

Apologies for Cross-Postings

Would you like to help put your community on the path to Zero Waste?
It is exciting and challenging, and we invite you to come and meet others working towards Zero Waste in their communities.  Learn about the four key principles of Zero Waste Community Planning and hear how they are being put into action in communities across the world.
Join us, the Grassroots Recycling Network, for an informative and interactive workshop about developing Zero Waste Communities on Sunday, October 22nd at the National Recycling Coalition's Annual Congress in Atlanta.
Together with experts from around the country, we will explore the frontiers of "Investing in Recovery Infrastructure," "Changing the Rules," "Producer Responsibility," and "Zero Waste Purchasing."  Each workshop participant will take home tools that will help them get the Zero Waste planning discussion started.
Don't miss this exciting event!  Register today at  http://www.recyclingconference.org/program/workshops.htm
We hope to see you there,
The Grassroots Recycling Network Board of Directors
Eric Lombardi, Resa Dimino, Rick Anthony, Martin Bourque, Monica Wilson, Christine Luboff, Carly Wier, and Donna Barlow Casey

Gary Liss       
Fax: 916-652-0485