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RE: Assistance for promoting P2 assessments

I tie P2 into overall compliance assistance.  If I see potential
non-compliance istems, I either advise them directly of corrective actions
needed or I get tge answers for tham and hook them into the appropriate
regulatory contacts, if they are willing.  I add that any potential viations
are not shared by me with regulators.  Once they know they trust me I gain
their trust and confidence.  Tell them any P2 you steer them to can
potentially decrease their costs, make them more efficient and decrease their
regulatory burden...
Debby Valin
P2 Coordinator

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	From: owner-p2tech@great-lakes.net on behalf of EATON, BRIAN 
	Sent: Mon 9/25/2006 10:44 AM 
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	Subject: Assistance for promoting P2 assessments

	Dear P2 Tech Subscribers,


	My office is in the infant stage of offering free, confidential
pollution prevention assessments (on-site).  The large hurdle we have
encountered is getting in the door of businesses.   Therefore, I wish to ask
for advice and suggestions on how to market our services (limited to no
budget) and tips on how to assuage businesses’ fears of our free,
confidential pollution prevention on-site audits. 


	Thank You,




	J. Brian Eaton, Sr. Environmental Engineer

	IDEM - Office of Pollution Prevention and Technical Assistance

	(317) 232-8188


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