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Re: Assistance for promoting P2 assessments

Outreach through the trade asociations is good advice. I often run
articles in association newsletters prior to a project. I start with a
general information article about the project (or service in your case)
then I run an article or 2 about the issue at hand then I run one asking
for volunteers. If you don't have budget to print brochures you could
always do an online pdf with email distribution.

Our longtime relationship with our Auto Dealers Assoc affliate has been
a mutually beneficial one. I've found the dealerships to be a great
group of cooperative managers with lots of P2 opportunity. AND WHAT
LUCK, looks like yours is meeting in the Grand Caymans in Jan2007!!

At this link I have a service we call EnviroWire. It feeds waste
specific  articles to the Chambers of Commerce and trade associations.
We send out an article or two each month. The Chambers/Associations run
them if they want & if they fit with their membership. My intent is to
give them specific assistance on a waste as opposed to an article that
tells them we have the ability to give them the info. Feel free to use
the articles and modify them for Indiana.

I will also inquire in my office (not there right now) to see if our
Small Business Compliance Alliance (SBCA)is still offering the BETA
training. See http://www.iwrc.org/SBCA/ - this is mentoring project just
for onsite programs but mostly geared toward compliance.

Also look at our TOOLS on the front page of our website called
REGULATORY SUMMARIES & VENDOR LISTS - http://www.iwrc.org/regsums/ & 
http://www.iwrc.org/NewVendor/ These are plain English summaries of
regulations (most federal since Iowa doesn't enforce RCRA but lets EPA
do that) and also lists of Vendors who make equipment we recommend in
our P2 advice. Again feel free to use/modify what works for you.

What a great opportuntity to do a good job of collecting baseline data!!
Good Luck,
Sue Schauls
IWRC Program Manager

p.s. Sorry my links aren't active - I'm on the road using the campus
mail system via wireless. 

> Dear P2 Tech Subscribers,
> My office is in the infant stage of offering free, confidential
> pollution prevention assessments (on-site).  The large hurdle we have
> encountered is getting in the door of businesses.   Therefore, I wish to
> ask for advice and suggestions on how to market our services (limited to
> no budget) and tips on how to assuage businesses' fears of our free,
> confidential pollution prevention on-site audits. 
> Thank You,
> Brian 
> J. Brian Eaton, Sr. Environmental Engineer
> IDEM - Office of Pollution Prevention and Technical Assistance
> (317) 232-8188

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