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I am looking into this on behalf of 2 schools in Seattle. 
Staff at schools LOVE to laminate.
When i go into the copy room, the laminator is always on.  It reeks of heated plastic in the room.
Aside from the excess waste of plastic (the laminator I have seen uses a 30" wide roll of plastic no matter how big the paper is that you are laminating), I am trying to find out what chemicals might be released - phthalates?  other plasticizers (e.g., lead is a common plasticizer in PVC- but i don't know if this is PVC plastic).  and, how much energy is consumed by these clunkers. 
If there are any P2 guidance documents (other than, DON'T USE) for laminators, that would be helpful too.
Many thanks. 
Michelle Gaither
Technical Research Lead
Pollution Prevention Resource Center
mgaither@pprc.org  or gaithermj@quidnunc.net