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Re: Laminators

Hi Michelle,

A google search for "PVC laminating film" pulled up some for sale.

My understanding is that lead is used not as a plasticizer but as a
"stabilizer" to "extend the life of PVC products exposed to light."
Lead is also advertised as a stabilizer for PVC exposed to heat, so it
is not beyond the realm of possibility that it would be in PVC
laminating film. If that were the case (the film contains lead), it
would be a good candidate for a Prop 65 lawsuit if it were not

You could probably just call the suppliers of the laminating films
that the school buys and find out if it contains PVC (although the
vendor might not know about the lead.)

Lara Sutherland
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Health Care Without Harm
ph: 303-377-7048
fax: 303-377-7049

Monday, October 9, 2006, 12:23:55 PM, gaithermj@quidnunc.net wrote:

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Date:    Monday, October 9, 2006, 12:23:55 PM
Subject: Laminators
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I am looking into this on behalf of 2 schools in Seattle.  


Staff at schools LOVE to laminate.


When i go into the copy room, the laminator is always on.  It reeks of heated plastic in the room.


Aside from the excess waste of plastic (the laminator I have seen uses a 30" wide roll of plastic no matter how big the paper is that you are laminating), I am trying to find out what chemicals might be released - phthalates?  other plasticizers (e.g., lead is a common plasticizer in PVC- but i don't know if this is PVC plastic).  and, how much energy is consumed by these clunkers.  


If there are any P2 guidance documents (other than, DON'T USE) for laminators, that would be helpful too.


Many thanks.  

Michelle Gaither
Technical Research Lead
Pollution Prevention Resource Center
mgaither@pprc.org  or gaithermj@quidnunc.net


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