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E-waste Topic hub



The Western Regional Pollution Prevention Network (WRPPN) is proud to announce the release of the newly-upgraded E-waste Topic HubTM. This primer is intended for individuals or programs interested in addressing and learning about e-waste and its associated health and environmental issues.


Unlike common household waste, e-waste poses a unique dilemma for our nation where landfill disposal is concerned. Generally speaking, computers and other electronic equipment are a complicated assembly of more than 1,000 materials, many of which are highly toxic such as toxic metals, chlorinated and brominated substances, toxic gases, biologically active materials, acids, plastics, and plastic additives. When disposed in aggregate, many of these substances can leach into our soil and water sources, thus affecting our environment and potentially affecting our health. When this material is burned, toxic gases are released into the atmosphere and ash is contaminated with heavy metals.


The format of this resource is structured to help you easily access the best available information on e-waste, which includes information on the toxic components contained in electronics, its improper disposal, its potential environmental and health effects, legislative information, and resources that are available to help individuals, programs and companies properly manage their e-waste disposal.


View the hub at http://www.wrppn.org/hub/index.cfm, as well as over 40 additional hubs developed by centers of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2RxTM).


Additionally, to view the E-waste brochure in pdf format, click on http://www.p2rx.org/AdminInfo/topichubspromo/electronicwaste.pdf. The file is downloadable and may be used for distribution at meetings, conferences and other events.






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