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Peace Corps-type orgs for P2?

I've been a lurker on this list since the mid-1990s when I worked for the Great Lakes MTC and this list was young (!).  I met a few of you at meetings in Chicago years and years ago, but evolved out of classical P2 into Lean Six Sigma, and "evolved" through several places to an insurance company in DC.
My periodic sense of ennui about the corporate world and desire to "make a difference in the world" have got me *seriously* thinking about applying for the Peace Corps.  
Before I make that leap to potentially digging ditches, I'd like to investigate whether there are ways to use my years and years of experience doing process improvement and pollution prevention at factories and other businesses. 
What are the other organizations where Industrial/Chemical engineers can help the world environment, preferably abroad?  I'm at the place in my career/life where I'm willing to trade the cushy salary for the opportunity to really make a difference, and I'm sure you guys have got the goods!
Many Thanks!