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3 new topic hubs from PPRC: P2 for sterilizers, air toxics, and biotech labs

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PPRC is pleased to announce 3 new P2 Topic Hubs:   quick guides to the essential pollution prevention (P2) information on a subject, and a compilation of pertinent online resources.
New P2 Topic Hubs:
*  P2 for Hospital Sterilizers
*  P2 for Area Source Categories (Air Toxics)
*  P2 for Biotechnology Labs
Additional info and topic hub links below.   Apologies for duplication; please share with others.
Cathy Buller
Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC)

P2 for Hospital Sterilizers

The hospital sterilizer ethylene oxide (EtO) is a recognized human carcinogen. It also requires special handling since it emits dangerous fumes and is potentially explosive. Many hospitals have already found excellent substitute sterilizers and have eliminated or significantly reduced their use of EtO. In addition, EtO will be newly regulated by the EPA as an area source of toxic air pollution by December 2007. The Hospital Sterilizer Topic Hub provides extensive information to health care facilities and P2 professionals about EtO and how to reduce its use while providing the necessary sterilization capabilities at a health care facility.

View the P2 for Hospital Sterilizers Hub at http://www.pprc.org/hubs/toc.cfm?hub=1008&subsec=7&nav=7.

P2 for Area Source Categories

The EPA is currently in the process of issuing rules for seventy area sources as required by the Clean Air Act’s Urban Air Toxics Strategy. Area sources are smaller sources of toxic air pollution that in themselves are small emitters, but as a group represent 1/4 to 1/3 of all toxic air emissions. Since the federal government has never regulated the sectors affected by the new area source rules, these newly regulated businesses are great candidates for P2 assistance. The Area Sources Topic Hub provides the P2 community with information and tools that will facilitate assistance to these sectors.

View the P2 for Area Sources Hub at http://www.pprc.org/hubs/toc.cfm?hub=1007&subsec=7&nav=7.

P2 for Biotechnology Labs

Biotech research is vitally important for developing new therapeutics for cancer, immunological diseases, metabolic disorders, diabetes, and other medical conditions, antiviral and antifungal compounds, medical diagnostic tests, and more. PPRC's new P2 Topic Hub for biotech labs focuses on the aspects of pharmaceutical biotech involved in bench and pilot scale operations. It provides extensive information to biotech research labs, manufacturers, and P2 professionals on the typical operations and how to reduce environmental impacts such as wastes, energy and water use, and use of toxic materials.

View the Biotechnology Labs Hub at: http://pprc.org/hubs/toc.cfm?hub=1005&subsec=7&nav=7