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FW: GA P2AD vacancies and

I am forwarding this on behalf or David Gibson.  His contact info is

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_____Help Wanted!
The P2AD Partnership Program is seeking to fill two vacancies
Know any sharp individuals with knowledge of EMSs/environmental issues,

excellent written and verbal communications skills, and a passion for 
making a difference? Send them our way! Please refer any interested 
parties to this announcement for details and contact info.

David Gipson
Assistant Director
Pollution Prevention Assistance Division
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
7 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Ste. 450
Atlanta GA 30334-9004
Phone: 404-657-5208
Fax: 404-651-5130
Website: www.p2ad.org
Email: David_Gipson@p2ad.org
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