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P2 Impact of Used Oil Furnace

Apology for cross posting and please forward to appropriate regional P2 listserves.
The Small Business Pollution Prevention Center has recently posted the Impact of Pollution Prevention tools at http://www.iwrc.org/SBPPC/index.htm
I hope that the data presented in this project is useful to your clients and in assisting with more meaningful measurements as to the actual impact of P2 by quantifying the toxins reduced when P2 suggestions are implemented.
Pollution Prevention Impact of Used Oil

Used oil is one of the most common wastes produced. In fact, approximately 4 billion gallons are generated every year worldwide(1). Used oil is generated by vehicle maintenance/repair facilities, in various industrial settings as well as by do-it-yourselfers (DIYs), such as farmers and households. The IWRC recommends several options for handling used oil. Using used oil as a dust suppressant is no longer acceptable. All options have different economic and environmental benefits.


Replace Existing Heat with Used Oil Furnace (pdf format)
Used Oil Furnace Manufacturers List (MS Word format)
Used Oil Furnace Distributors for Iowa List (MS Word Format)
Used Oil Recycling Facts (pdf format)
Used Oil Recyclers Serving Iowa (MS Word format)
Fleet Vehicle P2 Options for Used Oil (pdf format)
Reusable Oil Filter Vendors List (MS Word format)

Follow the links below to learn more about the benefits of replacing your fuel source with used oil. Use the cost-benefit calculator to help you determine the economic payback of purchasing a used oil furnace.


Replace Existing Electric Heat with Used Oil-Fired Furnace (pdf format)
InteractiveUsed Oil Worksheet Electricity in MS Excel format
Replace Existing Natural Gas Heat with Used Oil-Fired Furnace (pdf format)
Interactive Used Oil Worksheet Natural Gas in MS Excel format
Replace Existing Propane Heat with Used Oil-Fired Furnace (pdf format)
Interactive Used Oil Worksheet Propane in MS Excel format
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