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P2 Impact of used Antifreeze

Apology for cross posting and please forward to appropriate regional P2 listserves.
The Small Business Pollution Prevention Center has recently posted the Impact of Pollution Prevention tools at http://www.iwrc.org/SBPPC/index.htm
I hope that the data presented in this project is useful to your clients and in assisting with more meaningful measurements as to the actual impact of P2 by quantifying the toxins reduced when P2 suggestions are implemented.
Pollution Prevention Impact of Used Antifreeze
The best management of used antifreeze is to recycle it. Testing has shown that recycled antifreeze meets ASTM performance standards. In fact, recycled antifreeze may actually be superior to virgin antifreeze since the recycling process removes chlorides commonly found in hard water. There are several methods used for antifreeze recycling including filtration, distillation, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange. Practical methods for recycling used antifreeze are:



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