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Announcing the launch of the Industrial Ecology of Metals Forum

We are pleased to announce the launch of a free new tool that promotes the application of industrial ecology and facilitates research on material flows. This tool is the Industrial Ecology of Metals Forum. You are being invited to become a member of this new Forum because you are interested in trace metals present in commodity flows, the volume of commodity flows, and/or material flow analyses.

The Industrial Ecology of Metals Forum maintains two web-based dynamic and interactive compendia of data: one containing the concentrations of metals found in various high volume materials, and the other containing the flow rate information for high-volume materials. A discussion group focused on building and maintaining the compendia completes the Forum. When you join the discussion group you can suggest additions to the compendia and make comments on specific entries.

We anticipate that you will find the Forum to be a helpful research tool as well as a vehicle for disseminating information that you have gathered. In addition to flow rates and concentrations, the Forum contains an area for comments on data quality issues, such as shortcomings in analytical techniques employed or where more accurate data can be found. The compendia are available to the general public for viewing, but only Discussion Group members can make additions to or comments on data contained in the compendia. We invite you to join the Discussion Group.

The Industrial Ecology of Metals home page is located at http://www.glrppr.org/iem/

Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the types of information contained in the compendia. We hope you will join us, and ask you to help us spread the word about the benefits of the Forum.  We are inviting experts in materials flows from industry and academia as well as pollution prevention practitioners to join in this new tool.  when you join you can select to receive e-mail notification of new messages posted to this Discussion Group.

Funding for the Forum is provided by the USEPA?s Great Lakes National Programs Office and by Region 5.


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