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RE: Less hazardous alternative to TCE degreasing

There are more than a few replacements they could look at.  The Massachusetts TURI CleanerSolutions Database can provide them with some suggestions based on contaminant, substrate, and cleaning equipment. 
Because the database is built on years of testing by the Lab, it provides an indication of the effectiveness of a particular cleaner for a given contaminant/substrate/equipment combination.  The suggestions/search results can be sorted by relative safety score. 
All my best in 2007!

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Subject: Less hazardous alternative to TCE degreasing

Happy holidays P2 friends:


Do you have suggestions for this client?  She is not interest in aqueous alternatives.



I am looking for a good non-hazardous (or less hazardous) drop-in replacement for the trichloroethylene we currently use in our vapor degreaser.  I wish to utilize a chemical that I will not require an air-supplied respirator for my operators.  We currently hand-wipe our parts with denatured ethyl alcohol.  I am not looking for a cold solvent to hand wipe parts with, or an aqueous cleaner.

If you know of anything or anyone who can help, I would appreciate the information!

Have a Merry Christmas

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