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Re: Less hazardous alternative to TCE degreasing

Try soy solvent - this Glysol PC product has had great sucess with replacing harsh chemical cleaners - Rich Soble is a great guy to work with too - tell him I told you I heard his soy solvent was the best one on the market!

Glysol? PC

    Powerful bio-based parts cleaning fluid derived from soybeans and other natural sources. Glysol PC replaces mineral spirits,  PD680 Type II, Stoddard Solvent and similar petroleum-derived solvents  in manual and immersion-type parts washers. It's safer, cleans better and lasts longer. Pleasant to use ? low toxicity, no unpleasant fumes or skin irritation. Non-polluting, biodegradable.

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Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 1:44 PM
Subject: Less hazardous alternative to TCE degreasing

Happy holidays P2 friends:


Do you have suggestions for this client?  She is not interest in aqueous alternatives.



I am looking for a good non-hazardous (or less hazardous) drop-in replacement for the trichloroethylene we currently use in our vapor degreaser.  I wish to utilize a chemical that I will not require an air-supplied respirator for my operators.  We currently hand-wipe our parts with denatured ethyl alcohol.  I am not looking for a cold solvent to hand wipe parts with, or an aqueous cleaner.

If you know of anything or anyone who can help, I would appreciate the information!

Have a Merry Christmas

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