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RE: Whose had success with P2 in Permits, Rules, & Inspections?



Our agency, the Pollution Prevention Institute at Kansas State University, did a series of P2 integration workshops with our regulatory inspectors, enforcement and permit writing staff.  We had good feedback, but did not necessarily get follow-up due to a change in staff and the project timeline.  The manuals we published in 2001 are not on the Web, but may be available in hard copy if needed.  A detailed Newsletter article on the topic can be found at http://www.sbeap.org/ppi/publications/bgAirlines3.pdf.


I recall that everyone involved learned a lot and felt it was a great way to increase awareness about pollution prevention opportunities.


Nancy J. Larson, RS
KSU Pollution Prevention Institute
316/722-7721 ext. 104



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Subject: Whose had success with P2 in Permits, Rules, & Inspections?


We’re planning a workshop for our agency permit writers, rule writers, enforcement case managers, and inspectors.  The goal of the workshop is to present success stories from other states’ agencies who’ve implemented pollution prevention into permits and rules as well as innovatively promoted P2 through inspections and SEPs.


Do any of you have success stories for your own state agencies in the area of P2 regulatory integration?  I’d love to hear some examples as well as who I can contact for more info.


Karen Teliha 
Pollution Prevention Branch
Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management