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RE: Use and recovery of Refrigerants

Title: RE: Use and recovery of Refrigerants
R-134a is not an ozone depleting chemical.  It came into use to replace R-12 refrigerant which was an ODC.  One negative to R-134a is its global warming potential value of 1300 - 1400.  Viable replacements for R-134a include R-143a (0 ODC and 1000 GWP) and R-152a (0 ODC and 140 GWP).  While I don't have data for R-134a or R-143a, R-152a is flammable (nothing in life is perfect).
Some people have switched from these liquid chemicals to compressed air but applications are limited.  The air supply needs to be very clean and dry or you'll contaminate the parts.  And with electronics there is the danger of static buildup when using air.  There are refillable spray cans available that can be used but they will require frequent refilling.
As for recycling refrigerant, it's a matter of practicality.  The compressor is a closed system so it is relatively easy to capture and remove the refrigerant during service.  There is also the issue of cost.  R-134a is about 5 times more expensive than the R-12 it replaced.  While it would be great if you could capture the R-134a sprayed from these aerosol cans, it's just not practical.
Perhaps others on P2tech will be able to offer some additional/more current info since I've been away from this field for a few years.  Hope this helps.
Mike Callahan
Jacobs Engineering  
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P2 Techrs - any alternatives to aerosol cans with ozone-depleting chemicals
for blowing dust off computer equipment?  The refrigerant in question is
R-134A.  See below for scenriodetails - thanks!

Kim - could you research?  Please advise...


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        Interesting question.  I thought refrigerants (that is, all ozone
depleting chemicals) were removed from all aerosol cans. 


        How about telling them to do the right P2 thing and find a product
that does not contain refrigerants?


        Debby – do you know of any products?  Has the issue ever been
mentioned as a P2 opportunity?




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        Subject: Use and recovery of Refrigerants
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        I just received a call from Orange County Schools. A question came up
that they are trying to answer for their employees.


        They are required to recover Refrigerants from equipment, vehicles,
etc.; however, the spray cans for blowing dust off of computer equipment and
keyboards consists of exactly the same refrigerant they are supposed to be


        The employees want to know why the have to recover refrigerant when
they can spray it to their hearts content at the computers?


        Do you know anyone who can answer this question for them?


        Thank you,


        John White

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