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Input Needed - Reminder

The NPPR P2 Training survey is on-line until April 6th.  So far 41 people have completed it.  That's a good start.  Our challenge is for 100% of the P2 community to fill this out.  If you have already, thank you very much.  If not, please do it now before you forget or this e-mail gets buried in your in box.  Below is the announcement and link.  If you have specific comments feel free to directly e-mail me or the other members of the Training Task Force.

NPPR Training Survey
NPPR has formed a Task Force to explore the P2-related training needs of our members and to investigate viable options for providing for those needs. Our first step is to solicit your views in this survey on current training available, gaps in that training, and interest in receiving or providing training. Please take the following survey in order to help out our Task Force:
NPPR Training Survey

Gary D. Miller, Ph. D.
Assistant Director
Illinois Waste Management and Research Center
Department of Natural Resources
1 Hazelwood Drive
Champaign, IL  61820-7456
217/333-8942 phone
217/333-8944 fax

www.pneac.org (Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center)
www.glrppr.org (Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable)
www.p2rx.org (Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange)
www.elsevier.nl/locate/issn/0959-6526 (Journal of Cleaner Production)

Helping businesses in Illinois maximize resource efficiency, prevent pollution, and reduce costs