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[CRRA] Plastic Bags - SF encourages others to ban them

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To: "Jeffrey Smedberg" <dpw179@co.santa-cruz.ca.us>
Cc: crra_members@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Murray" <murray@cawrecycles.org>
From: Robert Haley <robert.haley@sfgov.org>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 10:45:26 -0700
Subject: Re: [CRRA] Plastic Bags - How did SF circumvent AB2449?

AB 2449 prohibits "... a city, county, or other public agency from
adopting, implementing or enforcing an ordinance, resolution, regulation,
or rule that requires a store to collect, transport, or recycle plastic
carryout bags or conduct additional auditing or reporting, or imposing a
plastic carryout bag fee upon a store..." AB 2449 does not prohibit bans,
refunds, etc. Our ordinance, drafted with our City Attorney's assistance,
simply requires supermarket and chain drugstore checkout bags to be
compostable plastic, recyclable paper or durable reusable. It does not do
any of the things pre-empted by AB 2449.

We hope other local jurisdictions will quickly pass whatever bag
legislation they can that is not pre-empted by AB 2449. We must also work
to prevent other State and Federal pre-emption efforts in general (not just
on bags).

Robert Haley
Zero Waste Manager
SF Environment
City and County of San Francisco

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From: "Jeffrey Smedberg" <dpw179@co.santa-cruz.ca.us>                                                        
To: <crra_members@yahoogroups.com>     
Subject: [CRRA] Plastic Bags - How did SF circumvent AB2449?                 
Date:  04/06/2007 09:48 AM                                                           
 Congratulations to San Francisco for adopting Supervisor Mirikimi's               
 plastic bag ban.                                                                  
 What am I missing? Last year's AB 2449 (Levine), which the Governor               
 signed, included a local pre-emption provisions that would prevent local          
 agencies in California from adopting fees and recycling requirements on           
 affected retailers.                                                               
 Is SF's approach legal because it avoids fees by imposing an outright             
 ban on non-compostable bags?                                                      
 Can someone enlighten me?                                                         
 Jeffrey Smedberg, Recycling Programs Coordinator                                  
 County of Santa Cruz Public Works Department                                      
 701 Ocean Street, Room 410, Santa Cruz, California 95060                          
 831/454-2373 Fax 831/454-2385 recycle@co.santa-cruz.ca.us                         

Gary Liss       
Fax: 916-652-0485

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