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Fun, sorta. What is your favorite place for a retreat? And what is essential to a good retreat?

Hi, all - apologies for the cross posting...

A local operation is considering retooling its 100 acre wood (with cabins and meeting facilities) to become an eco-friendly, sustainable, facility for eco-friendly sustainability types.  

I know you all have your favorite local places to go to for planning retreats - any that you would care to suggest as models?  I know of two or three with different strenghts - and they are not all at the top end of the scale - it takes a while to move from where you are to where you want to be, after all...

PLACES - please suggest one or two:
Lied Lodge & Conference center is a on the big side; this facility is going to stay rustic and is certainly not building a 144room hotel -

Shadowcliff is probably the most like what this operation has in mind - rustic -

Woods Hole Research Center- Someone help me here - is this the place where WasteWatch had its meetings in the early 90's?  Wow, look at what happened to it with the help of mcdonough....

INDICATORS - please let me know what would be a must have or a deal breaker for you in order to hold a meeting/retreat:
It appears to me that the Xanterra Corporation has a pretty good handle on how it does things - some actual measurements for this small operation to aspire to:



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