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Re: Textbook for P2 and sustainability class


Here are a few that you may want to evaluate for possible merit:

Industrial Pollution Prevention Handbook
by Harry M. Freeman
Profit Centers in Industrial Ecology: The Business Executive's Approach to the Environment
by Ronald S Smith
Pollution Prevention:Fundamentals and Practice
by Paul L. Bishop
Handbook of Pollution Prevention Practices 
By Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
Pollution Prevention Handbook
By Thomas E. Higgins
Pollution Prevention: The Waste Management Approach to the 21st Century 
By R.Ryan. Dupont, Louis Theodore, Kumar Ganesan
Hope you find these helpful...
Ron Smith
Ohio EPA, Office of Compliance Assistance & Pollution Prevention
>>> Cindy McComas <mccom003@umn.edu> 4/10/2007 3:10 PM >>>
Each fall I team teach a class called "Minimizing Industrial
Emissions". We are looking for a textbook for the class that would
cover all the key concepts we all work with including P2,
sustainability, EMS, life cycle, design for the environment--you get the
idea. If you have come across a textbook that might work, please send
me the title and author.
Thanks, Cindy

Cindy McComas

Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
University of Minnesota
612/624-4678, 800/247-0015

Helping Minnesota businesses maximize resource efficiency, prevent pollution and reduce costs.

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