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Re: Textbook for P2 and sustainability class

Cindy, all -

I have been fortunate enough to become involved in some sustainability classes here at UNO & UNMC which are outside of a strict engineering treatment of the subject.  I think the engineering community understands the need to optimize multiple variables rather than maximizing one, e.g., profits. In preparing for these courses, I was struck by the relatively large number of engineering courses which treat the subject of sustainability.

While the policy texts I have seen cover P2 as an issue, none of  them transfer skills.  Still, I think you might want to look at some of them for additional reading.  A public policy course on sustainability here uses Mazmanian, D.A., and Kraft, M.E. (eds.)(1999). Toward Sustainable Communities: Transition and Transformations in Environmental Policy. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.  The reason you would be interested in using that is to give Minnnesota a well deserved pat on the back - Chapter 8 talks about the Great Lakes region and notes the need for cultural value reinforcement, as evidenced by the advanced actions MN has over other states in the region.  Much of the implementation information I have seen in the environmental psychology texts also talks about the need to build cultural values in order to make successful, meaningful change.

Several supplemental readings have been used in the courses we reviewed for our course.  For example, at the Uof Iowa, Professor Shnoor calls out several readings to support several of the topics you mentioned below, but no course text.  You can find the readings on his course web site, http://www.cgrer.uiowa.edu/sustainable_systems/

We posted a list of the top five books we liked for our Sustainability for Business Managers course at this wiki - since it is a wiki, maybe we could all contribute to its expansion??
We also included several texts which didn't make it to the top five.....  Since we are focusing on business managers, we need to make the business case for sustainability.  It's all about implementation, and that does NOT always mean saving money - how do we convince a business manager to internalize external costs?  Tricky business, no matter what the April 16, 2007 cover of Newsweek says http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17988870/site/newsweek/

I must tell you that I really enjoyed Goodstein's text on environmental economics - just the right tone of insouciance for a topic so often presented in gloom and doom terms.  I was very pleasantly surprised to find P2 adequately covered there.  honestly, I am now re-energized about the importance of economic treatments of the environmental issues and how to approach them....  A good partnership none of us have leveraged well, IMHO....

A couple of other additional reading items we use for the students.:
A Synopsis: Limits to Growth: The 30-year Update, Donella Meadows, Jorgen Randers, Dennis Meadows; Chelsea Green, 2004:  http://www.sustainabilityinstitute.org/pubs/limitstogrowth.pdf  
This slightly older document on leverage points is pretty useful from a conceptual standpoint; I like how it reiterates an MEP emphasis on communicating for proper and timely action Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System, Donella Meadows; Sustainability Institute, 1999 http://www.sustainabilityinstitute.org/pubs/Leverage_Points.pdf

Hope this helps - would love to talk with you about this some more.




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Textbook for P2 and sustainability class

Each fall I team teach a class called "Minimizing Industrial
Emissions".  We are looking for a textbook for the class that would
cover all the key concepts we all work with including P2,
sustainability, EMS, life cycle, design for the environment--you get the
idea.   If you have come across a textbook that might work, please send
me the title and author.
Thanks, Cindy

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