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Comparison of cell phone and toner cartridge recycling services?

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Does anyone know of a comparison of different services providers comparing the end-uses of recycling cell phone and/or ink cartridges, and the values paid to nonprofit partners?


Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 10:24:49 -0700
To: "Monique Jacobs" <mjacobs@riverbanks.org>
From: Gary Liss <gary@garyliss.com>
Subject: Recycling Question
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I am generally familiar with these type of collection services and believe both of these companies appear to be good service providers. 
I particularly liked Eco-Cell's commitment to no landfilling, and 80% of the phones being refurbished and reused.  Reuse is MUCH better than just recycling. I didn't see a similar commitment on US Recycle's site.

If you'd like, I could forward these 2 links to colleagues who are more knowledgeable and get their feedback and any comparison details.


At 08:23 AM 4/13/2007, you wrote:
Hi Gary,
...Riverbanks Zoo & Garden has had a cell phone/ink cartridge recycling program underway (loosely) for the last year. It's been kind of under the radar, and we're planning to jump start it to make it more impactful in the next couple of months. We're likely going to tie in the "save the rainforest/save gorilla habitats" message, but we'd also like to know what recycling these items might do to help us here at home (I think the majority of people around here tend to act/react more deliberately when the sense of urgency relates to their backyard). The main info we have comes from: http://www.eco-cell.org/cellwaste.asp. Didn't know what you think about the info on this site and/or if you know where we might find additional info about the value of recycling cell phone and/or ink cartridges? We're not actually working in conjunction with Eco-Cell but with a local recycling outlet called US Recycling: http://www.usrecycleink.com/ (They don't have much info on their site).
Any info/insight/ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated!
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