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Job posting: Environmental Assistance Coordinator -- WI DNR

Apologies for cross-posting. Sent on behalf of Mark McDermid at Wisconsin DNR. Please direct all questions to Mark.McDermid@Wisconsin.gov.

Laura B.

  Department of Natural Resources (DNR); First Vacancy: Part-Time; Division of Air and Waste; Bureau of Cooperative Environmental Assistance; Madison.  The employment register established from this recruitment may be used to fill other full and part-time vacancies which may occur during the next 6-12 months statewide.

SALARY:  Starting pay is between $25.358 and $27.802 per hour depending on training and experience, plus excellent benefits. A six-month permissive probation is required. Environmental Assistance Coordinators are in pay range 03 and pay schedule 07. A criminal background check may be conducted on applicants prior to selection.

JOB DUTIES:  Plan, consult and research activities designed to promote the state?s  economic growth while fostering environmental protection.  This is a highly trained  specialist in a particular business sector and is viewed as the state?s expert on matters affecting that sector.  Work is performed independently in that their assistance and proposals are regarded as expert.  Work is subject to review by others in the profession, and superiors in the department, on overall policy and economic and environmental points of view.  Provide consultation to department supervisors, the governor, legislators, and business and local leaders.  Planning projects are broad in that they affect industries on a statewide basis, or broad industrial groupings on a regional basis.  Determine initiatives, areas of research and assistance.  Make recommendations based upon reports or analyses which are in-depth studies of a problem.  Promote and develop partnerships and other state-of-the-art non-regulatory approaches to the environmental performance, working both within and outside of the department.

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS:  Business and management principles and practices; skill to evaluate local, regional, state and national economic and environmental trends combined with the skill to develop projects to respond to these trends; skill to analyze economic and environmental factors as they relate design decisions, business operations and administrative requirements; skill to effectively meet with business representatives and demonstrate the benefits of process and systems changes; skill to communicate with the public, including differentiation of technical terms from lay terms; problem solving skills, including defining the problem and developing strategies for decision making.

APPLICATION INFORMATION:  If you wish to apply for this position you will be required to complete an online exam.  Your responses are considered an examination and will be used to determine the eligibility for this vacancy.  Applying is a 6 step process.

Step 1: Create an account or enable your existing account if you have applied for State jobs in the past (If you already have an account you should log in to the system and skip to Step 2).  Search for Job Announcement 0700941and go into the announcement.

Step 2: Preview and print the exam now, prepare your responses to the exam, and then return to apply after your responses have been prepared.

Step 3:  Search for and open the job announcement.  Click on the ?Apply Now? button at the top or bottom of the screen.  Review the information in the ?My Job Application?, make any necessary updates and click on ?Submit Personal Information.?

Step 4:  Complete the information on the Employment Information and Preferences screen.  This must be completed to apply for this recruitment.  Once complete click the ?Update Employment Preferences?.

Step 5:  At the ?Application Detail? screen click on the ?View Exam Option? button, and then the ?Take Exam? button on the next screen. 

Step 6:  When you have completed the exam click the ?Save and Finalize? button.   At the next screen click ?Finalize?.  NOTE:  If you do not click Save and Continue or Save and Finalize within 20 minutes, WiscJobs will time out and your answers will be lost.  We encourage you to prepare your answers in a Word document and then copy and paste.  This will speed up your time in the exam and prevent lost answers.

The deadline to apply is Friday, May 18, 2007.  If you have any questions or are having any problems with the exam, please call Curt Awve at (608) 266-8120.  Application materials will be evaluated and those qualified will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process.

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