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Dry-Solv - new dry-cleaning solvent

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about Dry-Solv (a new nPB
dry-cleaning solvent produced by Enviro Tech International Inc.)?

New drycleaning solvent 
MELROSE PARK, IL - Dry Cleaning Technologies, a division of Enviro Tech
International Inc., <http://www.ensolv.com/> has developed a new drycleaning
solvent called DrySolv. 
The company used technology it had gained from the solvent and degreaser
industry to develop an alternative to perchloroethylene that can be used in
an existing perc machine while cleaning effectively and without environmental
ETI was started in the early 1990s to develop a cleaning solvent that would
clean effectively but be environmentally friendly and safe to use. Research
led to n-Propyl Bromide (nPB) as a candidate for the desired solvent. After
developing an additive to improve solvency, azeotropic performance and
inhibit acidity, EnSolv Precisions Cleaning Solvent was patented in 1995. 

Thank you!
Kim Rush
FDEP P2 Engineer

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