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Re: p2 for soccer fields

The school district is making a large mistake and jeopardizing the safety of the athletes by trying to "burn" lines. Please do not support this effort of a school district taking a short cut. Once they "burn" lines, it exposes a trip or ankle-turn hazard because the turf and thatch is depleted to the soil. Overtime the depletion of turf cost more to renovate. So, the take home message is, we need to support the use of a latex based paint, cut with water.  Even aerosols can produce the same results as a "burn down" if aerosols are used improperly. From an environmental perspective, I believe latex based paint, cut with water is the most acceptable. I only use lime chalk on the skin "dirt" areas of our softball and baseball then latex based paint on the turf out to the foul poles. I would recommend the school district work closely with a reputable turf paint company ,like Pioneer.  http://www.pioneer-mfg.com/ 
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>>> "Kathy Barwick" <KBarwick@dtsc.ca.gov> 7/18/2007 03:40:10 PM >>>
hi everyone. Anyone know of preferable options for "burning" soccer field lines? see comments below....
... they use lacquer thinner to burn the lines. He did not know of an alternative.  

One of our school districts telephoned me to ask if we knew of an environmentally safe chemical that they could use to burn lines on their soccer field.  She said they are currently painting lines, and she thought that paint was not environmentally acceptable.  

Sports field lining could be made, using a paint machine or lime powder machine, over the natural grass or artificial turf. 

Some clean out grass from the lining area and make it dirt ground before lining is applied. Cleanout may be accomplished by applying weed killer or burning the area with paint thinner or gasoline.

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