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Re: Info request: GHG tools for manufacturers


Partly depends on the manufacturers' goals in doing this.  

EPA Climate Leaders has certain protocols and requirements if they're looking to fulfill those requirements.  GHG Protocol certainly a well-regarded international standard.  

There are online calculators all over the place, but I think they don't get you the granularity you'd need (region-specific emission factors, etc.)

Feel free to ask if more questions.

On Jul 20, 2007, at 11:47 AM, Rick Yoder wrote:


Sorry for the cross posting - this is a bigger job in a relatively fast-changing arena, so I thought it best to ask everyone.....

Manufacturers are asking how to assess & quantify what their Greenhouse Gas footprint is (are there tools available?) and if there are manufacturing oriented best practices for reducing GHG.  

I've seen the:
- Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator at http://www.usctcgateway.net/tool/
- Greenhouse Gas Protocol at  www.ghgprotocol.org which has links to a nice array of calculators

I know... this is such a broad question - what might you add to the  two items above?



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