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RE: Info request: GHG tools for manufacturers

Dear P2 Techies,

This is a good and useful question.  rod's message below was quite helpful.  It would be even more helpful if there were a database of these tools with discussion of their uses, strengths and weaknesses.  Does anybody know of such a collection?

I have been looking into the California Climate Action registry.  They have a tool call CARROT.  You can view information about it at:


On a related note, do any of the P2 technical assistance organizations on this list have a carbon footprint reduction/greenhouse gases reduction policy?  Have any of you calculated the footprint of your own operations?  If so, please share your results. 

At WMRC we have a draft Carbon Emissions policy that I am hoping we will adopt later this week.

Gary Miller

At 10:40 PM 7/20/2007, Sobin,Rodney wrote:
Rick and fellow P2Techers,
The interested companies may wish to check out the World Resources Institute's GHG protocols www.wri.org .  They are among the most cited and probably among the best regarded. 
There are two protocols--one based on company/organization and the other project based. 
Of particular importance to companies is that the WRI protocols consider business as well as technical issues--for instance, how should a company count emissions from a joint venture it co-owns with other firms? how about activities of on-site contractors?  The protocols also consider such issues of when and how to account for indirect emissions (pretty much everyone ought to count emissions from electricity consumption though the emitter is usually the electric utility but should companies account for emissions from the production of other purchased inputs?)
I hope this is helpful.
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Sorry for the cross posting - this is a bigger job in a relatively fast-changing arena, so I thought it best to ask everyone.....

Manufacturers are asking how to assess & quantify what their Greenhouse Gas footprint is (are there tools available?) and if there are manufacturing oriented best practices for reducing GHG. 

I've seen the:
- Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator at http://www.usctcgateway.net/tool/
- Greenhouse Gas Protocol at  www.ghgprotocol.org which has links to a nice array of calculators

I know... this is such a broad question - what might you add to the  two items above?



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