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FW: Clean Production consultant for India sought

Yo Techsters, this just came to me, but I can't go - woe alack alas.
Respond directly to the sender if you are interested.  

Dear Burton Hamner,

as I just described by phone, we are German consulting firm searching for a consultant who could advise on projects in India dealing with cluster development in the following clusters: pottery, galvansing, fuel coke and textiles. 
Advice regarding the first three clusters is most important, as the textile cluster will relocate to an industrial park which we already have experience with.  The clusters are partially extremely poor and cannot finance expensive technology, however the technology needs to be improved and upgraded to reduce pollution and health impacts.  We are particularily looking for someone with knowledge of the manufacturing processes and who can follow the processes over a period of time. 
Ideally, we would require the consultant to come on a first visit within this month.

If you know someone in Asia/India we would prefer him/her

Thank You Very much

Ronjon Chakrabarti
Research Assistant

Adelphi Consult GmbH
Caspar-Theyss-Strasse 14a
D - 14193 Berlin

Phone: +49 (30) 89 000 68 - 63
Fax: +49 (30) 89 000 68 - 10
E-Mail: chakrabarti@adelphi-consult.com
Skype: ronchak
Web: www.adelphi-consult.com

Sitz: Berlin; AG Charlottenburg HRB 85067 St-Nr. 27/006/10944; UST ID: 813485763
Geschäftsführer: Mikael P. Henzler, Walter Kahlenborn, Alexander Carius

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