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"Crowdsourcing" and P2

Title: "Crowdsourcing" and P2

Lately, I've been spending some time trying to get caught up on trends in "social computing" -- harnessing the power of large numbers of users via the web, to accomplish some common goal.

This has drawn my attention to a phenomena -- I'm not sure how significant it is in the overall scheme of things -- called "crowdsourcing."

Wired Magazine had a nice article on it last year, which I somehow missed when it was first published, but have subsequently encountered:


To my mind, this seems like like a natural fit for the P2 community -- I am wondering if any of you have experience in setting up such programs, or are aware of applications of crowdsourcing to pollution prevention?

I know of Thomas Vinson's online P2Planner, which "harvests" user-suggested P2 strategies but don't think I've run across anything else in this space.

Alas, research funding for exploring new ideas in P2 is scarce these days, so I am mostly asking out of intellectual curiosity, but I would welcome any experiences that people may wish to share vis-a-vis this business model.

Oh, and while you're at it, have you taken our ChemAlliance user survey yet??  

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