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Contact adhesive for gluing plastic laminates

Hi All,


I’m working with a wood products manufacturer (architectural millwork to be exact) and we’re trying to find a good alternative to a solvent-based contact cement for gluing plastic laminates to particleboard.  Not a new problem, I know.  We’ve looked at a few products in the water-based/neoprene category.  The drawbacks seem to be the waiting time required after the glue is sprayed on (before you can join the pieces) and the drying time once the parts are joined. 


They’ve tried one product – a two component system that is co-sprayed (tradename withheld for now) and found that they could put the pieces together within 5 minutes (acceptable) but the bond didn’t attain full strength for about 24 hours (not currently acceptable).


Any and all ideas would be appreciated.








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