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A request for the pack rats among you

Title: A request for the pack rats among you


I know that many of you are, as I am, reaching those middle-aged years where the line between memory and personal mythology grows faded and indistinct.

"Did I REALLY say that at a conference once, or just wish I had?"

"Wait!! I've had this idea before, haven't I?"

"Did I send that e-mail, or didn't I?"

For those who have slipped entirely into fantasy -- well, you're probably not reading this.  For those of you too young to appreciate this: -- phhhhtt! (imagine a tongue sticking out at you). 

You'll find out soon enough.

So it is that I find myself wishing that I had at my fingertips, a presentation I made at a conference held in 1995 (I believe).  The conference was a locally-organized ("local" in this case meaning Seattle), modestly attended, and immodestly titled conference which went under the banner "First International Conference on Internet and the Environment" or some such thing.

Ironically, the proceedings of this conference do not appear to have made it onto the aforementioned Interwebs.

As one of the conference organizers, you'd think I'd have all sorts of files, but this was long ago and several office relocations in the past. 

In any event, I vaguely recall giving a talk on the likely future directions of the internet, which used ecosystems metaphors as the basis for prediction -- "Ecology of Commerce" was high on my reading list at the time and I couldn't resist paying homage to it. 

Imitation being the sincerest -- and frankly, the easiest -- form of flattery, after all.

I don't recall the title of the talk, but remember that I included some predictions about the emergence of "communities of interest vs. communities of place," among others.

I've searched in vain for the talk on Google, but unfortunately it is not a time machine.


I would be forever grateful, and perhaps even be compelled to offer some modest bounty -- a "Red's Flyshop" fishing hat, a framed picture of the Yakima Canyon, or some such momento -- to the first person -- or even the second -- who could reunite me with even a paper copy of those slides.

If I am not mistaken there were at least a few P2TECH veterans who were in attendance.  We drew especially from environmental librarians, so you may want to forward this request to your favorite one.

Thanks in advance

Scott Butner
Senior Research Scientist, Knowledge Transformation & Integration Group
Pacific NW National Laboratory
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Richland, WA  99352
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