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Do green platers really see a business benefit?

Hello Techsters.  I have not done any P2 work with plating companies for years and hope some of you can offer a response to this person.  I will compile responses to the list or to me directly and provide a digest later.  Thanks,
Burton Hamner
Cleaner Production International LLC

From: Donna Gordon [mailto:dgordon@investmentresources.biz]
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 11:10 AM
To: sales@cleanerproduction.com
Subject: Info request

Mr. Hamner

I am working with a metal plating operation in the midwest who is facing stagnant sales and looking for new approaches to growing his business.  One area I have discussed is promoting that his shop is fully environmentally compliant (much of his decline in business is due to business lost to 3rd world countires with little or no environmental restrictions).  His opinion is that his customers do not care about the environmental impact, they are focused on cost and quality only.   I understand from your website that you work with plating companies to improve environmental peformance.  Do you find that this provides them with a marketing edge with their customer base, or are most benefits tied to lower costs, less risk of fines, etc.   I have provided your information as part of the report, and am interested in any additional feedback you have.  I appreciate your time and consideration.




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