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FW: Pollution Prevention Through Nanotechnology Conference -- Sept 25-26, 2007 (Washington D.C.)


EPA invites you to attend a conference titled, "Pollution Prevention
through Nanotechnology" that will be held September 25-26, 2007, in
Arlington , VA.  The intent of this conference is to provide a forum for
exchanging ideas and information on the use of nanotechnology to develop
new ways to prevent pollution. 

Representatives from industry, academia, non-governmental organizations,
and government have been invited to share experiences and views on
current practices and potential research areas in nanotechnology that
incorporate the concept of pollution prevention in three major areas: 

1)  Products: Less toxic, less polluting, and wear-resistant. 
2)  Processes: More efficient and waste-reducing. 
3)  Energy and Resource Efficiency: Processes and products that use less
energy and fewer raw materials because of greater efficiency. 

The conference will feature discussions of nanotechnology life-cycle
considerations and the responsible development of nanotechnology.

Attendance provides a fantastic opportunity to familiarize yourself with
cutting-edge applications of nanomaterials that have positive pollution
prevention attributes, while simultaneously recognizing the
considerations that must occur to responsibly develop and use
nanomaterials. The conference also provides an opportunity to network
with colleagues at the reception and poster session immediately
following the conclusion of panel discussions on Day One. 

There is no fee to attend; however, conference organizers request that
you pre-register to help plan the event.  

Additional details regarding the conference, including registration
instructions, can be found at:

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