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RE: P2 for solvent reuse and recylcing business

Enviro-Stewards helped a client of the Toronto Region Sustainability Program significantly reduce its footprint while saving bags of money. 
See the description:


Note: this client after implementing the P2 measures was successful in attracting new business from a company that wanted to be associated with clean!

Fred Granek

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I am working with a client trying to identify opportunities for solvent P2
at his business that is in business to collect used solvent (as a material)
then reuse it to clean drums, distill it and then sell the solvent back to
clients.  A continuous-use type of process.


I have recommended a few things which are actually contrary to what they
want to achieve at their business and wonder if any of you had additional
ideas.  Here is what I have suggested so far -


Think about how you can  

*       Change the Process, (use less solvent to clean drums, train
employees and clients, develop an EMS, make waste min part of an employees
job description)

*       Change the Technology, ( distillation efficiency, waste-to-energy
unit like a burner) 

*       Change the material to minimize your waste.  (Less toxic solvents -
offer a line of acetone or alcohols to your clients and keep them separate
from other blends that contain halogens.  Maybe a percentage of your clients
would prefer this less toxic cleaner.)


EPA has a nice document at several locations including:


EPA guidance to HWM plans: http://gcisolutions.com/HWFN0993.htm


This is a comprehensive guide to minimization published in 2000:


This one speaks to distillation and energy recovery:


Ohio published this guide: http://www.epa.state.oh.us/opp/guide/p2papc.html


We have a number of documents at


Other ideas?


Nancy J. Larson, RS

Director, KSU Pollution Prevention Institute  

Small Business Environmental Assistance Program
316/722-7721 ext. 104
 <mailto:NLarson@ksu.edu> NLarson@ksu.edu 


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