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RE: P2 for solvent reuse and recylcing business



We also helped an automotive solvent recycling facility in London Ontario to with P2 and E2.  Feel free to give myself or Andrew Lanesmith of our office a call to discuss ideas.


Among other things:

·        we were able to recover additional solvent from the still exhausts and still bottom vapors.  This decreased indoor VOC concentrations and hence allowed us to reduce the general building exhaust rate while still achieving an improved breathing zone

·        we were able to recover additional saleable product from their solvent dehumidification byproduct stream

·        we identified opportunities to decrease the energy intensity of their solvent distillation process






Bruce Taylor, P.Eng


Enviro-Stewards Inc

1 Union Street

Elmira, Ontario, Canada

N3B 3J9


Phone: (519) 578-5100

Fax:     (519) 669-5002




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Enviro-Stewards helped a client of the Toronto Region Sustainability Program significantly reduce its footprint while saving bags of money.

See the description:




Note: this client after implementing the P2 measures was successful in attracting new business from a company that wanted to be associated with clean!




Fred Granek



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Subject:    P2 for solvent reuse and recylcing business






I am working with a client trying to identify opportunities for solvent P2

at his business that is in business to collect used solvent (as a material)

then reuse it to clean drums, distill it and then sell the solvent back to

clients.  A continuous-use type of process.




I have recommended a few things which are actually contrary to what they

want to achieve at their business and wonder if any of you had additional

ideas.  Here is what I have suggested so far -




Think about how you can 


*       Change the Process, (use less solvent to clean drums, train

employees and clients, develop an EMS, make waste min part of an employees

job description)


*       Change the Technology, ( distillation efficiency, waste-to-energy

unit like a burner)


*       Change the material to minimize your waste.  (Less toxic solvents -

offer a line of acetone or alcohols to your clients and keep them separate

from other blends that contain halogens.  Maybe a percentage of your clients

would prefer this less toxic cleaner.)




EPA has a nice document at several locations including:




EPA guidance to HWM plans: http://gcisolutions.com/HWFN0993.htm




This is a comprehensive guide to minimization published in 2000:





This one speaks to distillation and energy recovery:





Ohio published this guide: http://www.epa.state.oh.us/opp/guide/p2papc.html




We have a number of documents at






Other ideas?




Nancy J. Larson, RS


Director, KSU Pollution Prevention Institute 


Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

316/722-7721 ext. 104



 <mailto:NLarson@ksu.edu> NLarson@ksu.edu







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