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P2 for HPLC Lab?

Dear P2 Techies,

How y'all doing?  (Hey, I'm in Texas.)


1.)  Any suggestions on where to find P2 options for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)?


Here's what I know about a facility I'm assisting: 

Generate about 7.5 tons organic/aqueous mixed waste from HPLC analyses

Package liquid waste in 55-gal drums and ship off for incineration (to fire lime kiln supposedly)

Organics are compounds like acetonitrile, but <1% chlorinated compounds.

Produce pharmaceuticals at this facility so have FDA requirements to meet.


2.)  Opinions on whether Battelle Seattle Research Center is a reliable site for P2 info on this topic?

Thanks for your advice!
Jennifer S. Lasseter
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