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I thought you would like to know 2 things.

#1. There are 357 people on this listserv as of this AM.  those of us on it are connected to an amazing community of knowledge, experience, passion and sometime far out opinion.

#2.  Earlier I sent out a message that 11 technical assistance providers (Millers11) had taken the PNEAC annual survey.  We'll it is now Millers 15.  So in 1 very small way I'm a little ahead of George Clooney.  My wife will be impressed.  If you would like to help me get way ahead of Mr. Clooney, please go to http://www.assistancecenters.net/spneac/

On a related note, only 4 technical assistance providers have completed the ChemAlliance survey.  See http://www.assistancecenters.net/schem/

These and some of the other compliance assistance centers are rich with P2-related information.  You can check them out if you haven't at http://www.assistancecenters.net/  You should be aware of them as valuable resources.

Thanks to all for listening and responding.  There are only a few days left.  I won't ask again this year.  Now back to eliminating some waste.

Gary Miller