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Biodiesel Incentives

Tue Sep 25, 2007
Good Morning.
We in New Hampshire have a commission to study the
production and use of Biodiesel. An important
aspect of the study is to collect info on what
other states have done in terms of:
- Demand side incentives
- Supply side incentives
- State policies/Executive Orders
- Tax credits
- Infrastructure Incentives
- Fleet Biodiesel Use requirements
- Commissions to study Biodiesel within the State
- Challenges or difficulties encountered
- Latest Federal Rules/Regulations

I realize that this is a long list, but I welcome
any input you can provide. I have already looked
on the Internet and found good info including an
excellent paper by Josh Zahn of Biodiesel.org. Thanks.
Have a nice day.
Ihab Farag 1-603-862-2313

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