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FW: Documentation of Sustainability Cost-Savings

I had not heard of this Energy and Water Savings Analysis Protocol resource below but it looks very helpful.  FYI,
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Greg and the Green School List:
The International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol is the standard for measuring savings.  It is primarily aimed at energy but can be adapted for non-energy sustainability projects.
The protocol was originally funded by the DOE, but is now a non-profit funded by the large energy services companies.  See the link here:
Additionally, a primer on energy performance contracting might be helpful, if your campus administration isn't already familar with the basics.  In very brief terms, energy performance contracting is the only proven, large-scale means of cutting GHG emissions in a budget neutral manner.
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Subject: Documentation of Sustainability Cost-Savings

Hi Folks,
Just got back from the NECSC conference at Bowdoin this week, and it was a really stimulating and informative program. At Johnson & Wales University -- based in Providence -- we're just getting started with sustainability efforts. To help counter some resistance with colleagues in facilities and finance, does anyone have any kind of documentation or metrics they've developed to demonstrate short- or long-term cost savings associated with the facilities/construction side of their sustainability programs that they'd be willing to share?
Thanks for your help with getting us started.
Greg DiStefano
Director, University Marketing
Johnson & Wales University